Why isn’t Proxenta a single company?

Proxenta is an investment group, which means that it consists of a number of companies working together in order to produce value and profit. Why does an investment group needseveral companies? The answer is simple. Apart from its own resources, Proxenta alsoinvests the available financial resources of its clients, who receive securities in exchange.

The range of activities such as fund appreciation, issue of securities, their management,purchasing and sales cannot be performed by a single entity. Some of the activities requirean approval of the National Bank of Slovakia. That is why the Proxenta group consists of a number of entities. The first group of companies consists of security issuers. The issuer ssupervise the individual project companies, each representing a separate project.

The securities dealer (SD) is another entity, operating under a licence given to it by theNational Bank of Slovakia (NBS). The second member of our group operating in accordancewith the approval of the NBS is our independent financial agent (IFA) that seeks new clientsand caters for the needs of the existing ones.

The fact that we manage all of these activities within a group of companies is, in someaspects, highly advantageous. A major advantage is the optimization of the whole process –the system can be adjusted in such a way that it provides the highest possible efficiency. Adetailed description of activities that the individual Proxenta group member companiesperform can be found HERE.

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