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Dear clients, colleagues and partners of Proxenta,
Every January, I spend time to reflect upon the previous twelve months and to think about what they were like. When I spoke to you last year, I mentioned that the most important aim of proxenta for 2016 would be to strengthen the portfolio of our projects and to expand it with high-quality, important investment projects. A strong and well-balanced project portfolio will allow us to continue offering high returns and safe investment opportunities that are at the top positions on the market. With great happiness do I say that we have successfully made these plans a reality.

This year is the eighth year of Proxenta’s existence and I am looking forward to what we will be able to share with you when we celebrate our tenth birthday together.

One thing is certain: we will be celebrating at our own premises whose construction recently began at RačianskeMýto as a part of the Tower Onebuilding. Next month, you will be able to find out more about the project from its website and from the upcoming advertising campaign.

Currently, our efforts are also focused on the HFS (Healthy Food Supplements) project, with the construction of our production hall nearing completion. HFS represents the entry of Proxenta into the food industry and provides important diversification within the portfolio of our projects. It is also thanks to the HFS project that our portfolio is more stable and the investment risk rate is lower.

In the coming days, we are going to complete the final approval process of the Weinhauer residential building at Jozefská street. We are happy to announce that the flats and commercial spaces in Weinhauer are, for the most part, sold prior to the final approval and we can already consider the project successful.

The first months of the sale of Weinhauer flats confirmed our assumption that the location of former Hviezda food store at Kollárovonámestie, Bratislava, had been more than suitable for the construction of a residential project. That is why we have made the necessary effort to purchase the adjacent administrative building and the corresponding lot and successfully bought them in May. This location will soon see the construction of the Rezidencia medzi hviezdami (Star Residence).

Subsequently, a couple of months later, another major project was added to Rezidenciamedzihviezdami, originally purchased under the name of Tabáň. This project will be completed under the Town Hill moniker. The project, exclusively located in the heart of the city centre of Nitra, will offer flats, administrative and commercial spaces.

Both Rezidenciamedzihviezdami and Town Hill are significant for Proxenta for another reason: it is thanks to these projects that we could offer our investors a new investment product – direct investment in a particular project with an average annual return exceeding 10%. We had been seeking another suitable investment model to complement popular bonds and notes for a longer time, aiming to tailor it to the needs and plans of our clients. We are thus happy that we were successful in our effort and that the response to our new investment product was so positive.

With the advent of 2017, we have refreshed and altered our bond and note programmes. We have issued three new batches of bonds given that the previous issues have already been sold out and their sale was terminated by the end of 2016. It is thanks to our well-balanced and strong project portfolio that we did not have to opt for a major reduction of the returns of the bonds and notes. Our competitiveness on the Slovak market thus remains very high.

Understandably, we have preserved the PLUS packages in our portfolio, which have long been our best-selling products. What’s more, we have even expanded them. You can find the tables of the potential returns for the individual packages presented in a clear and comprehensible form at our updated website

Furthermore, our clients who invested EUR 100K and more still have a 50% discount on the fees. This benefit provides an economic advantage to an ever-increasing number of our clients given that they show more and more trust to us by the gradual increase of their investment amounts.

I would therefore like to express my heartfelt thanks to our clients

Thank you for offering suggestions of investment products and setups and for enabling us to launch the new direct investment product.
Thank you for reinvesting the majority of your finances after the end of the investment period, thus expressing your trust in our group.

Thank you for having doubled the amount of financial resources entrusted in our hands during the past year.

Thank you for recommending us to your acquaintances and for the fact that the major part of our new clients come to us thanks to your referrals.

However, we would not like to make an impression that at Proxenta, everything revolves around returns and figures. That is why I would like to mention our social and educational project of Proxík’sEuroacademy, which represents a way in which Proxenta as a successful group would like to contribute back to society. The aim of the project is to teach children in their early age to save and appreciate the value of money so that they can later buy the things they need or wish to have. Proxík, our dolphin, comes to children in all Slovak kindergartens with his songs, animated DVDs, worksheets and teaching aids free of charge, and we are happy to say that he was well-received by both the children and their teachers.

To conclude, I would like to assure all of you that I shall do everything in my power to ensure that Proxenta will remain your trustworthy partner and maintain the status of a strong and stable group that helps the investments of their clients grow in a professional manner.
I wish you a successful year of 2017.

Pavol Kožík

Proxenta Investment Group owner

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