Proxenta Investment Group

Proxenta is an investment group operating on the Slovak market since 2009.Since its founding, the group has provided its clients with investment opportunities in partner projects of €60M in value.The group’s own funds, along with the financial resources provided by the clients, grow in their value thanks to a portfolio of projects with the market value of €170M.

The group covers all investment-related areas – from carrying out investment projects, where the group’s and clients’ investments grow, to issuing own securities and performing activies related to the sale and management of the group’s securities.

Project Companies

Every investment project in Proxenta is usually covered by an independent company.The companies are established for the project needs and usually cease to exist after the project is completed and settled.The system is quite spread and generally used for its transparency and efficiency.

Private equity

Issuer of securities

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Investment fund

Issuer of securities

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Investment Services Provision

Because Proxenta Group issues its own securities, it is a big advantage for it to have its own securities dealer and own independent financial agent.The securities dealer PROXENTA Finance mainly maintains the property accounts of clients, buys, sells, maintains and administers securities.The independent financial agent PROXENTA Broker covers the acquisition of new clients and professional care of them including investment consulting.The securities dealer cooperates also with external independent financial agents.


Securities Dealer (SD)

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Independent Financial Agent (SFA)

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How does it work

The Story of Proxenta

What have we achieved in the first decade since 2009?

Proxenta started writing its own history in 2009 as a financial broker.As brokers, we have helped our clients buy bonds, promissory notes and shares of important Slovak investment groups that had not been publicly marketed.Until 2012, we brokered about €60M in partner projects and built up a solid client base.

As the time passed, our wish to become more than an investment broker for other financial groups was growing in its intensity. We wanted to help our clients appreciate their investments in our own projects and under our auspices.This decision necessitated the development of our own portfolio of investment projects and the founding of our own financial institution that was to formally supervise the whole investment process.We have successfully completed the two ambitious projects in 2012, when PROXENTA Finance, our securities dealer, received a licence from the National Bank of Slovakia, and when we completed our pilot investment (mini-)project in the municipality of Andovce, whose value was about €360,000.

About five years later, our current portfolio contains 11 investment projects with the total market value of €120M.Proxenta has become an important Slovak stakeholder.


What are our plans in our second decade after 2019?

All of us view 2019 as an important milestone. Not only because we are about to celebrate our tenth birthday.From the start of our operation we used to divide time between the period before 2019 and after it.

We cannot estimate in advance what the second decade will bring, however, we set certain goals.Our major challenges of the second decades include these aims:

  • To preserve our key feature – our flexibility and the ability to promptly react to the newest developments on the market, quickly determining and seizing new opportunities and challenges.

  • to get to the leading positions among Slovak developers and include special projects of bigger size and meaning that will actually resonate on the Slovak real-estates market in our portfolio;

  • to build a firm position in the food industry in Slovakia and confirm the statute of expert with the focus on technology quality, selection of expert staff and on research and science;

  • building large and quality portfolio of rental real estates and by means of this activity to extend our operation over the Slovakia’s borders;

  • establishing a firm position in Cuba and set the basis of long-term Proxenta’ s operation in Caribbean and/or American continent;

  • if it is suitable and beneficial for Proxenta Group, extending the securities dealer licence to bank licence.

Our team of experts

With us you can be sure of personal approach and every client communicates directly with his broker. Get to know our
team of professionals who will be happy to advise you on the process and will always be happy to advise you.


CEO and Owner

Mgr. RenataDomčeková

Senior Investment Broker


Senior Investment Broker

PhDr. AdrianaPukan Gallaiová

Senior Investment Broker


Senior Investment Broker

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