PROXENTA Residence
Bratislava, Mýtna 50

A polyfunctional building built in the centre of Bratislava, in the joint of Mytna and Radlinskeho street.

PROXENTA Residence brought 64 two-room apartments. Residential part of the building is set from the 4th floor up, with beautiful views of the Old Town and Bratislava’s Koliba. The first three floors of the building, as well as the highest one (the 12th), are dedicated to administrative premises. Most of them are occupied by Proxenta which has chosen PROXENTA Residence as its HQ.

The building PROXENTA Residence is equipped with an automatic parking system which is unique in the Slovak market by its capacity.

Construction of the project started in 2017. The building was legally approved at the beginning of November 2020 which finalized the realization of this project.

Project type: Construction of flats and administrative spaces

Area: Bratislava, Račianske mýto

Status: Completed project


Video: HERE

Interactive 3D overview: HERE


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