Bratislava I, Námestie 1. mája

Residential project on genuine site in Bratislava centre.Originally, the project was to be named Rezidencia medzi hviezdami (The Star-Surrounded Residence). However, after the shift of the concept from a modern building to a building with a replica of the historical facade, we have opted for a name change that reflects the rich history of the building.

Kesselbauer is a compact whole with the neighbouring project Weinhauer, with which it will share a large atrium.The start of construction and sale of premises is planned in the first half of 2018.Currently, we are in the final stages of the construction approval process, that will be immediately followed by the construction works themselves.The project will be presented to the public in further detail after its final form has settled.


Visualisations serve only for illustration and do not need to represent the final form of the project as it will be approved and implemented.

Project type: Construction of flats and shopping spaces

Area: Bratislava I.

Status: On-going project


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