Proxenta’s Weinhauer in downtown Bratislava successfully acquires the final approval

Bratislava 28. júla 2017

In Weinhauer, old Bratislava meets modern architecture and offers an ideal residence in the capital’s city centre. It is primarily aimed at those, who like to enjoy everything that the city offers, whilst desiring a private and comfortable space. The location of the residence is also exceptional, being only a few metres away from the Presidential Garden.

The investor began the sale of the flats as early as in June 2015. “There are not many available flats left. At the time of the completion of the approval process, only 7 units remained available from the original 35, which means that 80% of the project is sold,” states Pavol Kožík, the owner of the Proxenta investment group.

The project consists of two blocks that offer 29 flats together: 12 are located in the 3-story A block and 17 in the 4-story B block, with their area being in the range between 57 to 129 sq. m and with the majority having a terrace or a loggia. All flats are supplied in the “bare” standard and each flat is also assigned a walled cellar space secured with a lock. The lower part of the building consists of six administrative spaces. A major advantage of the building is its three-floor underground garage with a capacity of 97 vehicles – a generous offer in this location.

The shared atrium represents the heart of the project, offering the residents with windows and balconies that face the atrium absolute silence in the very heart of the city. This atrium will be later connected to the atrium of the adjacent development project of the Proxenta investment group, Kesselbauer, creating a compact and harmonious structure together.

Construction features:

  • water cycle-based cooling located in the ceiling (a modern cooling system based on the principle of radiant cooling),
  • window constructions (frames) made of aluminium with a blocked heat bridge,
  • three-layer insulating glass window panes,
  • electrically operated outside aluminium window blinds in the colour of the windows
  • the supply of heat provided by a central boiler unit in the building’s basement
  • full-area heating provided by floor heating
  • an additional ladder-type radiator in each bathroom
  • building entrances (including the garage entrance) equipped with a visual intercom system
  • own water meters/hot- and cold-water expenditure measurement units with long-distance monitoring
  • a lift located in both units, operating at all the floors of the building including the garage


The location of the Weinhauer house was known for its winemaking history as early as the 13th century, with the first mentions of vineyards in Bratislava dating back to the same period. It was the wine that once constituted the basis of Bratislava’s business and the city’s economy was dependent on the quality and amount of its wine. That is why the quality was outstanding and the price was twice the price of the Hungarian wines. The wines of Bratislava were purchased even by kings. The King Matthias Corvinus was rumoured to be a frequent guest at the local harvests and was said to be especially fond of the wine. In 1435, there were 474 families of winemakers in Bratislava, producing over 1.5 million litres of high-quality wine. Apart from the winemakers, the city was home to winemaking aides, known also as weinhauers or havors, coming from more distant towns and lving in Bratislava. It was precisely Jozefská street that some of them resided at.

More information on the project can be found at

For further information, please contact:
Renata Domčeková, Proxenta, tel. 0917 55 66 04, e-mail:
Iveta Haulíková, everyvent s. r. o., tel.: 0905 168 651, e-mail:

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