Proxenta’s portfolio currently includes eleven projects in various stages of implementation. Their total market value exceeds EUR 280 mil.

These projects are managed by experienced project managers. It is just within  the projects that Proxenta indirectly gives work to the biggest number of people. Their number is about one thousand.

When building the project portfolio we apply the principles of diversification and allocate the funds to several projects in various sectors and areas.

Development Projects

The area is our priority at the selection of development projects. Up to now, we concentrated mainly on Bratislava and Nitra, whereas we direct the centre of our activities to the centres of the two cities. Within development projects that have been completed or are underway, we bring more than1,000 flats to Slovakia in addition to administrative and shopping spaces. In the case of favourable real-estates market development, in the future we want to increase the number and continue our development activities with other projects.

Asset Management

In 2017, we started to include lucrative rental real estates producing regular revenue such as shopping centres, administrative buildings or industrial parks to our portfolio systematically. With this activity, we will not restrict ourselves only to the Slovak market, on the contrary, we see opportunity for further portfolio diversification from the point of area here.

Food production

We build our own companies in the field of food industry using the high expertise of our food-industry team. Our priorities are quality technology, orientation on science and research and last but not least selection of proper areas to start the food production – currently we see the Nitra Region and Cuba as such special areas.