Introducing Proxenta Residence at Račianske mýto

Bratislava, 3 July 2017 – During the summer, Proxenta is to start the initial sale of flats and administrative spaces in Proxenta Residence, currently in construction at Bratislava’sRačianskemýto. The developer plans to start full sale of the property after the end of the summer break. The above-standard living is primarily targeted at active people preferring the dynamic urban life and are accustomed to working at a fast pace whilst enjoying a multitude of activities in their free time. The building consists of both flats and offices. The Proxenta investment group, successfully operating on the market since 2009, stands behind the development of the project. It has successfully completed a number of development projects, including Weinhauer in downtown Bratislava or Dúhovébývanie (Rainbow Housing) in Nitra. The group has purchased the project with a corresponding construction approval from its previous owner, who, however, did not complete the project despite having owned it for a prolonged period of time. As for the current status, the project’s foundations are being constructed by the Keller company. The building is constructed in accordance with the plan of the local zone and has a valid construction approval.

The 13-story building will consist of 64 flats and apartments with the floor space varying between 46.82 to 62.04 sq. m and the majority will also include a balcony or a loggia. All flats and apartments are designed to be functional and comfortable, equipped with a high living standard. This includes wooden floor of 14 mm in thickness, high-quality floor and wall tiles in the bathroom and toilet, designer bathroom and toilet equipmentand interior doors. The price of each flat includes a space in the cellar. The flats and apartments will be connected to a central air conditioning unit located on the roof and a with an option to mount interior units as well. The residential portion of the building is placed upwards from the 5th floor, greatly reducing the noise coming from outside. “Apart from high-quality living, the owners also purchase exclusive views of downtown Bratislava and the most beautiful landmarks in its surroundings. It is only by looking from the window that one realizes Slavín, Koliba or the Bratislava Castle are much closer than one may have thought. The view of those from the terrace of one’s own flat is stunning both during the day and at night,“ says Pavol Kožík, the owner of the Proxenta group.

A “home” for Proxenta
The building will also include approx. 1,800 sq. m of administrative spaces. However, only a portion of the spaces will be sold. . “This project sparked our interest here at Proxenta so much that we have chosen it to be our seat. We have felt since the beginning that Račianskemýto will make us feel at home and that this location offers everything we need and have been looking for. Therefore, we are not building only for the future flat owner, but also for ourselves. We will meet the owners of the flats every day and that is why we pay extra attention to the quality of the building. Of course, high quality is a must in all our projects,” adds Pavol Kožík.

Two modern lifts
The residential part of the object is planned to have the Schindler 5500 lift with the capacity of 21 persons and an anticorrosive steel finish on the lift doors, cabin walls and ceiling. For the administrative part, a glass panoramic lift with the capacity of 15 person is planned, positioned to provide a view of Račianskemýto.

High-quality materials
Only high-quality materials and modern construction techniques are used in the construction of the building, providing it with a long lifespan. The flats will be equipped with aluminium windows with a blocked thermal bridge; an even better thermal and sound insulation will be provided by insulating three-layer glass. The whole building will have a framework made of armoured concrete.

A unique automatic parking system
Proxenta Residence will be equipped with a unique, fully automatic parking system, the first of its kind in Slovakia. It will offer the capacity of 138 parking spaces and have four socket gates for entry and exit. An exceptional user comfort akin to modern Western cities will be ensured by comfortable parking. The driver arrives to the point of entry, parks, exits the car and leaves. The car is then automatically parked into a parking box in the underground garage. When leaving, the driver arrives in front of the entry space, summons the vehicle with a card and after the opening of the gate, the driver enters the vehicle and leaves the entry/exit point. The user only needs an ID card to operate the system. To ensure correct functioning of the system, a non-stop repair service will be at hand.

Pavol Kožík describes the advantages of the system: “An automatic parking system is now a common part of the equipment of modern cities. While it greatly saves space for parking and allows us to maximise the use of the area compared to ordinary garages, it is not its only advantage: it is also highly comfortable for the system’s users. What’s more, the residents and visitors of Proxenta Residence do not need to worry about potential scratches when parking in the garage.”

Close to the capital’s downtown
Račianskemýto, the location of Proxenta Residence, had previously been a gateway to the city. Today, it represents the border between the city centre, the Old Town, and the more remote parts of the city. The location thus offers its residents all the advantages of living in the city centre, including full range of civic amenities, good transport access, cultural and sports opportunities that Bratislava offers.

More information and visualisations of the project can be found at

The Slovak investment group Proxenta has operated on the Slovak market since 2009. The portfolio of its investment products includes development projects in Bratislava and Nitra, with the major part of the investments located in lucrative boroughs and the very centres of these cities. Other projects in Proxenta’s portfolio include a food production facility in Galanta, rental housing projects prepared in collaboration with municipal partners, and long-term investments in prospective rental estate. The total market value of the projects exceeds EUR 120M. Currently, the group is performing steps to prepare for the expansion of its activities outside Slovakia and outside Europe, respectively. Retail investors may also participate in Proxenta’s investment activities by means of purchasing Proxenta’s corporate notes and bonds with a fixed ROI rate of 6 to 7.25% p. a., paid out annually. Another option is to enter one of the projects as a shareholder. That is why the Proxenta group also includes Proxenta Finance, o. c. p., a. s.,which acts as a security dealer in accordance with its licence issued by the National Bank of Slovakia.

For further information, please contact:
Renáta Domčeková, Proxenta, rel. 0917 55 66 04, email:
Iveta Haulíková, everyvent., tel.: 0905 168 651, e-mail:

Download the whole press release as a PDF: 1706 TS PROXENTA Residence

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