We open a showroom on Jozefska street in Bratislava

These days, we open a showroom,  where we will sell apartments in Bratislava's Kesselbauer and PROXENTA Residence projects. Today, we learned how to present the exterior and interior of the projects with help of virtual reality. We have been trained by Grand Pano, which created a virtual reality for both of our projects. We bring you a few pictures from the showroom, which is almost 100% ready for your first visit.

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After a year, we again pay bond yelds to our clients

For the fifth consecutive year, in February, Proxenta´s customers will receive thousands of euros on their accounts. Also this year, our issuers pay the bond yields on the agreed date.

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Thank you!

Pavol Kožík, the owner of Proxenta Group, reflects upon 2016

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Proxenta’s Successful Series is Now Complete

Within almost 8 months, 27 articles in total have been published. These aimed to help our clients and visitors to familiarize themselves with the world of investment and to provide insight into the mechanics of our company.

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Why isn’t Proxenta a single company?

Proxenta is an investment group, which means that it consists of a number of companies working together in order to produce value and profit. Renata Domčeková, specialist of PROXENTA Broker, s.r.o., shares her insight on the company mechanics.

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